Integrative Care puts wellness at the center of your care, addressing the full range of physical, emotional, and environmental influences that have a direct impact, both good and bad, on your overall health.

What is Integrative Medicine?

Traditional medicine tends to focus on symptoms rather than the true cause of your sickness, and most conventional doctors view your body as a fragmented collection of pieces and parts rather than a unified whole. Integrative medicine sees you differently. Our medical experts understand that every aspect of your life, from your daily diet and weekly exercise regimen to your work environment, plays a major role in determining your total wellness quotient. Integrative medicine is a practice informed by evidence, and it places great emphasis on the unique relationship between patient and practitioner. That’s because it’s only through working together that long-term, sustainable improvements in both quality and quantity of life are possible.

The Silk Integrative Approach

Employing a personalized strategy that considers a patient’s unique conditions, needs and circumstances, Silk Integrative Medicine uses the most appropriate interventions from an array of scientific disciplines to help people regain and maintain optimum health. By personalizing every aspect of your care, we go beyond the treatment of symptoms to address the true causes of illness.

Our defining principles of Silk Integrative Care:

  • Our patients and practitioners are partners in the healing process.
  • All factors that influence health, wellness and disease will be considered.
  • We use all available means to facilitate your body’s innate healing response.
  • Our interventions are all-natural and minimally invasive whenever possible.
  • Good medicine is good science, inquiry-driven and open to new paradigms.
  • The concepts of health promotion and illness prevention are paramount.
  • Care is personalized to your unique conditions, needs and circumstances.

Rather than just treat symptoms, we address health concerns by going straight to the root cause of disease or illness. Silk Integrative Care strategies are equally focused on prevention by proactively fostering the development of healthy behaviors and skills for effective self-care, something that our patients can use to achieve wellness throughout their lives.

If you’re already receiving treatment, we will work with your existing doctor to maximize your care and supplement any medications to minimize potential side effects. As every medication will change how our bodies metabolize nutrients and minerals, it’s important to assess these deficiencies and learn how to support your body to get the most out of the medications you take.

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