Whether you’re just beginning your first exercise program or an elite athlete training for your next ultra-endurance event, we can help you optimize performance, enhance overall health, and prevent injury.

What is Performance Enhancement or Sports Medicine?

It’s a common misconception that only athletes should be concerned with optimizing physical performance. While it’s true that most athletes are probably more aware of their body’s proven capabilities and limitations, naturally making them likely to seek ways to push those boundaries, we should all do everything we can to make the most of our physical capabilities. That’s where Performance Medicine come into play, offering you a wide range of treatments and techniques that extend and evolve the way your body works, helping you get more out of every day.

The Silk Integrative Approach

We start by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your exercise, diet, nutritional status, and training burden to help maximize athletic and mental performance. With that in hand, diets can be custom-tailored to maximize desired performance goals. We can address musculoskeletal symptoms with chiropractic evaluation and treatment, body work, dry needling, trigger point injection, acupuncture, acupressure, ultrasound therapy, electrotherapy, and gua sha. We are experts at identifying overtraining scenarios and treat you with supplements, botanicals and recovery protocols to help you train smarter, not harder.

Our program involves:

  • Comprehensive health care for the active patient, including diagnosis and treatment of sports or activity-related and unrelated injuries and illnesses
  • Use of manual techniques to prevent and treat muscular and skeletal conditions common in athletes
  • Special knowledge of the principles of athletic conditioning
  • Focus on injury prevention and rehabilitation, including injuries common to specific sports
  • Nutritional guidance to build strength and endurance in support of athletic performance
  • Assessment of training load
  • Cortisol burden on training
  • Botanicals and supplements to reduce or recover from the effects of overtraining

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